Miquel Pons

La Granada, Barcelona

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Pere Pons

For over 250 years and throughout several generations, the family brand Miquel Pons has cared for the making, bottling and commercializing of their wines.

Today the winery cultivates 60 hectares of vineyards, of which 40 hectares are our own. The other 20 hectares belong to other winegrowers. The Penedès lands have always been one of the best lands for the cultivation of the vines. They are essential because of their winds and richness in soil nutrients as well as the combination of sun and around 600 liters/m2 of rainfall a year. This combination of factors, present throughout the Penedès land, creates the perfect and natural environment necessary for producing quality in the vineyards.

Since 1980, Joan and Pere Pons have led the generation that has guided the new winery, from getting close to circles of planting, to harvesting and getting the wine into the bottle.

We make our wines and cavas from obtaining a selection of the best musts, and for our Crianzas and Reserves only our best vintage wines are used; always following our traditional production method, accompanied by the modern techniques for pressing, controlled fermentation and ageing.

At Miquel Pons, we are always trying to spread the culture of our land. Our dedication, effort and love for viticulture, winemaking and conservation of nature are what distinguish us from other vineyards. Experience our native and special grape varieties such as Xarel·lo while you indulge in our delicious gastronomy.

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