Mas Rodó


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Oriol Sala

Mas Rodó winery and estate has been founded in June of 2005 and begun its activity in the market in March 2009 featuring its first three wines.

This Family project it’s focused on quality and terroir based wines. The State is located at 500m. between mountains and producing less than 5000 kg per hectare.

The winery is located on a hill, and its modern building created in 2006 has been integrated in the original eighteenth-century manor.

The winery is in the middle of the vineyards, where the grapes are manually harvested and carefully crafted into high quality wine.

Grapes are harvested manually, even on trellised vines, then collected in boxes of 15 kg and loaded on small trailers, needing no travel time to be delivered to the winery. The selected grapes of the highest quality and in best conditions reach the winery where they undergo the second selection.

All the wines seek the essence of the varieties and the terroir so they will never be pressed, we only use the free run juice.

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