Mas Oller

Torrent, Girona

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Alexandra Manovel

The Empordà is a legendary wine region where the Greeks were the first to introduce vineyards and wine around the year 600BC.

Mas Oller is a historic estate located in the town of Torrent, in the province of the “Petit Empordà”, with views of the Medas Islands and the medieval walls of Pals.

In the 1950’s all of the old vines and olive trees were replaced with cereal and livestock. Nowadays, the only part of the original, working traditions that still remain are the old cork oak trees that are used for the prestigious cork industry in the region that are find in Mas Oller.

Since the 1970’s the farmhouse and the land belongs to the Esteva family. In the year 2000, Carlos Esteva – owner of the prestigious winery Can Ràfols dels Caus – decided to save the estate from its ruins, rebuilding the farmhouse with care and placing the winery in what used to be the old cowshed. Carlos Esteva replanted the vines in what used to be the best vineyard in Pals with a desire to produce new, good quality wines using the Empordà winemaking traditions as a base, but innovating in many ways – from the vineyard to the winery.

The wines from the first harvests, made from young vines, were sold in the region. Now, the vines have reached an age where the grapes that they produce have the amount of concentration that Carlos was looking for. Today, nearly 400 years after it was built, Mas Oller has been converted into a reference winery in the D.O. Empordà with wines that are made with a philosophy that leads towards singularity and the expression of where they are made.

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