Vallbona de les Monges, Lleida

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Roger Bas

Wines and oils from our land, from our people

At L’Olivera we try to showcase our land by the way we grow grapes and olives, and by the way we make wines and oils.

We are a social integration company whose members are people with disabilities. We are convinced that work is a vital and emotional experience, and that is why our members participate in the entire production process.

We began this adventure in 1974 in the town of Vallbona de Les Manges, in rural Catalonia. The area has an inland Mediterranean continental climate, with sea breeze-cool nights and a minimal rainfall (around 350 mm per year). The altitude (450-700 meters above sea level) allows for a mild and long ripening period, which is a limitation for certain crops. The natural vegetation is Mediterranean and can be found along the old retaining walls, the ridges and in the abandoned fields.

We still cultivate our vineyards through manual labor, as per the traditional manner: shaping and pruning, giving structure to its vegetation and gathering the grapes. We label each bottle of wine by hand and number them, each one at a time. Human manual labor gives us structure and allows our team members with disabilities to find a space for themselves, at their own pace, without pressure, which challenges them to push their own boundaries.

We are a certified organic farm. Our vineyards are part of the Valls del Riucorb subarea, which are within the Spanish Designation of Origin for Costers del Segre. These vineyards are the last remaining vineyards still operating in the district of Vallbona. We want to make sure their activity will not cease, and to make them viable here and now.

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